Buffalo Niagara Commercial Cleaners

We specialize in sanitizing vehicles, office spaces and homes in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. area

Are you concerned that your office or facility may have been compromised? We offer emergency sanitation services for this exact situation.

For more information on our Sani-Quat Sanitizing Program, please email us at buffaloniagaracleaners@gmail.com or call (716)286-9075.

Disinfecting Your Vehicle, Home and Office in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY

We’re all concerned about the health and safety of our family, friends, employees and customers during these uncertain times. The best way to provide a comfortable environment for everyone you and your business associate with is to regularly disinfect your vehicle, home and office-space. Buffalo Niagara Commercial Cleaners specializes in sanitizing individual vehicles, vehicle fleets, large and small office spaces and homes.

What do we use to disinfect?

The product use to disinfect your home, vehicle and office is called Sani-Quat (EPA #10324-1117-44956.) Sani-Quat has been used in the food processing industry to kill bacteria for decades.

Only 10 Minutes Of Your Time

In just 10 minutes, we can sanitize your workplace, vehicle or home safely and effectively.

Call us today at (716)286-9075 for a free estimate to sanitize your office, vehicle or home. You can also email us at commercialcleanersofniagara@gmail.com

Emergency Home, Vehicle and Office Sanitization Services Available

If you have concerns about your vehicle, business or home being potentially exposed to covid-19 you will want to have everything fully sanitized as fast as possible. We have emergency home, vehicle and office sanitizing appointments to meet your needs.

Make sure your Customers and Employees are Comfortable in Your Office

It’s important for your customers and employees to know their health and safety is your number 1 priority. We can help by creating unique video and graphic content of the sanitizing process at your office and sharing this creative via campaigns targeted directly towards your customers and employees.

To learn more about emergency sanitization appointments, or how we can help get your message out to your customers, please contact Buffalo Niagara Commercial Cleaners today at (716)286-9075.

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