Sanitizing Your Vehicle

Sanitize One Vehicle or an Entire Fleet with Buffalo Niagara Commercial Cleaners

Buffalo Niagara Commercial Cleaners specializes in sanitizing vehicles in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY areas. We sanitize each vehicle with Sani-Quat and the entire fogging process takes only 10 minutes per vehicle.

Whether you need your personal vehicle sanitized, or need an entire vehicle fleet, we are well equipped to handle your vehicle sanitizing needs.

Call today at (716)286-9075 to schedule an appointment or request a quote for your business.

Why Sanitize Your Vehicle?

Time Spent in Car

A recent study by AAA showed that Americans average over 17,000 minutes in their vehicle each year. That’s more than 7 40-hour work weeks per year spent in a car! That’s why it’s so important to ensure your vehicle is clean and safe for yourself and passengers.

Several Touch Points

Not only do we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, we spend a lot of time making direct contact with several items. Whether it’s your door handle, steering wheel or windshield wiper lever, there are many areas of your vehicle that should be sanitized in an attempt to kill bacteria.

How We Sanitize Your Vehicle

Sanitizing Your Vehicle

The experts at Buffalo Niagara Commercial Cleaners will safely clean your vehicle, or vehicle fleet, by spraying the interior and exterior of your vehicle with Sani-Quat (EPA Reg #10324-1117-44956.) This product is widely used to sanitize in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

Only 10 Minutes

The vehicle sanitation process takes only 10 minutes to complete. Once your vehicle is dry it is safe to enter and drive home.

Call Us Today

Whether you are sanitizing 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles, we have the ability and expertise to serve you today. Call (716)286-9075 to schedule your appointment or receive a commercial fleet quote today.

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